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Aashima Sinha receives research grant for gender research in India

Aashima Sinha

Aashima Sinha, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Utah has been awarded a research grant from the Asian Development Bank Institute to conduct a gender-aware time-use survey in India. As a principal investigator, Sinha implemented the survey during July and August 2022. Based on the data collected, she and her co-authors are currently examining the gender-differentiated impact of time spent on unpaid care work on individuals' labor supply behavior and their time allocation in other daily activities like domestic chores, leisure, personal care, and socializing. The scope of the project will be extended to examine the short - and medium-term impact of Covid-19-induced labor market disruptions – unemployment and remote work—on time allocation of adult women and men.


Congratulations to Aashima and her stellar work for the Economics department at the University of Utah. 

Last Updated: 2/10/23