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Eric Sjöberg and Team Awarded FORMAS Grant

arvid-ericThe Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, FORMAS, has awarded ~$350,000 to an interdisciplinary team from the University of Utah, Stockholm University, and the University of New Hampshire for their research “The missing link: How does climate affect human conflict and cooperation through water?”

Department of Economics assistant professor Eric Sjöberg is co-PI on the project with Arvid Bring, senior researcher with the Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University. Their research will estimate the societal effects of climate through water, with the goal of a better-informed foundation for policy decisions on adaptation to climate change.

The researchers will combine advanced econometric methods with a water model to separate human modifications of water flows from the remaining background climate signal in water variations to better understand how naturalized climate-dependent water flows govern societal responses.

Congratulations to Dr. Sjöberg and team on advancing their important work!

Last Updated: 11/15/22