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ECON 5960 UtahCRG: Real World Research

Learn Ninja Level Data & Research Skills From a Pro This Summer!

Want a life-changing college experience? Seeking to gain real-world research and analytics skills from Luciano Pesci, the CEO of Emperitas? Want to help Head Start improve their organization with your findings? Then sign up for ECON 5960 UtahCRG: Real World Research (class number 6851).

Our immersive applied learning course will teach you:

  • How to consult with decision-makers at real organizations in the community
  • Cutting edge qualitative and quantitative primary research methods
  • Survey programming in Qualtrics
  • Analytical programming in R
  • How to apply economic and business models to real-world data sets
  • The best way to create visually rich final deliverables that have an impact
  • How to present your work to decision-makers at real organizations

How our course works: 

  • The Utah Community Research Group (UtahCRG) allows you to work alongside real-world clients through a hybrid classroom experience of lectures and weekly project collaboration.
  • There will be mentoring and networking experiences, and you'll create a final deliverable for Head Start that you can also use with future employers or graduate programs to showcase your expertise.
  • See examples of past client deliverables and learn more about the UtahCRG.

If you're ready to add highly in-demand skills to your resume this summer, while helping a local organization in need of research and analytics, under the guidance of a real-world professional, then don't miss our class! For more information contact Luciano Pesci or call 801-842-7962.

Last Updated: 11/15/22