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Guowang "George" Rao

Guowang "George" RaoClass of 2017

Majors: Economics, Finance, Mathematics

Currently: Economist at Utah Department of Workforce Services


The undergraduate research experience provided the opportunity for me to broaden my study interests, and to find the career path that I truly love. I had a great experience interacting with the professors in the department. The professors were very friendly and easy to talk to. They were patient in explaining my homework and research questions. More importantly, they helped me to discover and use economic knowledge in a broader community perspective. I am very grateful for having this precious learning experience at the economics department!

George Rao with fellow student researchersGeorge also completed the sequence of courses required for a Statistical Analysis Emphasis in Economics. His work culminated in a project analyzing the educational costs for students in the juvenile detention centers in Utah. Prof. Richard Fowles (not pictured) served as research supervisor. Kyle Rehn, left, was involved as TA for the course. Tristan Taylor, right, worked in the same research group with George, center. At the end of the year, their group presented at the College of Social and Behavioral Science's Student Research Day where they were awarded second place for their research efforts.

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