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Spring 2016 Lecture Series

Visiting Speakers and Colloquium for the Advancement of Knowledge in Economics (CAKE) Talks

Past Lectures

Hans Ehrbar"Consumer Choice with Rationed Pollution Permits"
Hans Ehrbar, University of Utah

Friday, March 4 | 1 pm
JJR Library (OSH 336) 

Armon Rezai“Demand Drives Growth All the Way”
Armon Rezai, Vienna University of Economics

Friday, March 11 | 1 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Miki MohammedCAKE: "Oil Price Fluctuations and Current Accounts in Oil-Importing Countries: The Role of Financial Development"
Miki Mohammed, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Thursday, March 24 | 3:30 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Eric Edwards

"An Illiquid Market in the Desert: The Role of Interest Groups in Shaping Environmental Regulation"
Eric Edwards, Utah State University

Friday, March 25 | 1 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

jeanCAKE: " Wishful Thinking as Economic Theory: The Legacy of Alfred Marshall and the Possibilities of Economic Chivalry"
Jean Arment, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Thursday, April 7 | 3:30 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Cihan Bilginsoy

"The Great Recession and Apprenticeship Training in the U.S.”
Cihan Bilginsoy, University of Utah  

Friday, April 8 | 1:15 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Ian Lange"Effects of Stricter Environmental Regulations on Resource Development"
Ian Lange, Colorado School of Mines

Thursday, April 14 | 3:30 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Joyita Roy ChowdhuryCAKE: Poverty Traps, Risk Coping and Natural disasters: Micro evidence from rural Odisha, India
Joyita Roy Chowdhury, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Thursday, April 21 | 3:30 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

Reid Ewing

*Event cancelled* "Does Urban Sprawl Hold Down Upward Mobility?"
Reid Ewing, University of Utah Architecture + Planning

Friday, April 22 | 1 PM
JJR Library (OSH 336)

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